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Best AI tools for teachers

Best AI tools for teachers

AI-based search engine.


You.com is a search engine that is built on artificial intelligence and provides users with a personalized search experience while also keeping their data 100% private. It is designed to understand natural language queries and provide relevant results based on context and user behavior. You.com is also unique in that it allows users to search multiple sources of information simultaneously, including web pages, news articles, social media, and more. In addition, unlike other search engines, You.com allows users to save their favorite pages and search results to their own personalized boards for future reference.

A set of tools for writing, pictures, and much more


TinyWow is a set of free online tools that can help you with your tasks and boost your productivity. Some of the tools provided by TinyWow include document creation, note-taking, list-making, and conversion and merging of files. TinyWow's goal is to help keep things simple and efficient for its users. They also offer a premium experience for $5.99 a month or $49.99 a year, which provides additional features and functionality. You can access TinyWow by visiting their website at https://tinywow.com/

Automatic teaching resource generator (The recipe builder)

Education Copilot is an online platform that provides educators with tools and resources to improve their teaching and enhance student learning outcomes. One of the features offered by Education Copilot is its "Workshop" module, which allows educators to create interactive workshops that engage students through multimedia content such as videos, images, and quizzes. Workshops can also be personalized to meet the needs of individual learners, and educators can monitor student progress and provide feedback through the platform. The goal of Education Copilot is to help educators improve their teaching practices and promote student success. To access the Workshop feature, you can visit


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The future of AI in education

Let’s set the record straight right from the start: AI didn’t write these words. A human did. A human who has no reason to exaggerate the importance of AI. While some of us may be biased, fearing that AI will one day replace us, we have to stop for a second and reflect. Rather than replace real people, AI will enhance the efficacy and speed of our efforts. At least for now.

When it comes to education, the advantages are astounding. Just the other day, I used an AI-powered app to talk to Mozart. Just imagine that! I asked about his relationship with Antonio Salieri, his favorite piece he had ever composed, and more. I was so self-aware that I even asked if he was bothered by my many questions.

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